Jiff, Inc. Expands Customer Base Through Translation Exchange Localization Platform

If you have a business, you’re always looking to offer your services to a broader audience. And if you’re multinational or serve a diverse audience, you should be thinking about the most effective tactics to get your website and apps translated as part of your localization strategy. It often takes time and resources to build a strategy for doing this, never mind actually implementing the translation in a quick and seamless way. How can you do all this instantly and effectively with limited resources?


That was a question raised for Jiff, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise health benefits platform. They needed a way to localize the content of their platform so their enterprise customers could communicate health benefits offerings and options efficiently with a growing range of teams and employees. This was an obstacle that needed to be addressed quickly given the large multinational U.S. based companies using their platform and their need to offer health benefits services to existing populations overseas.


Jiff turned to Translation Exchange to localize their platform. The company needed a partner that was flexible enough to manage the differing enterprise customer platforms and apps, while being responsive enough to manage updates and changes without any down time. Our translation management platform answered those needs while also being a proprietary and automated platform the Jiff team and customers could trust to deliver exceptional localization without any additional resource demands.


By partnering with Translation Exchange, Jiff was able to trust the implementation they needed.   Furthermore, this growing health benefits company gained a comprehensive solution for translation execution and one source for all the translation management and support needs they may encounter as they grow their own services and offerings for enterprise clients globally.  By working closely together, we are able to deliver the next health benefits platform to various languages and contexts for customers worldwide.


Jiff began its partnership with us nearly a year ago in February of 2016. As they developed their various platform needs and edits over the start of the year, we were able to help launch their comprehensive online health benefits platform in Spanish and German by August. A couple months later, the platform became available in Portuguese and French. The platform is currently in the works to be rolled out in another seven to eight new languages in 2017. Any translation or localization updates needed to be made to the platform will be conducted instantly across their online channels, enterprise customer portals, and available languages going forward.


Jiff Inc. went into this partnership with Translation Exchange knowing they had multinational companies that would require a strong and dynamic online localization service and understood they didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to build out a translation team internally. We’re excited they chose Translation Exchange to address this part of their business and look forward to seeing the business and their already broad base of enterprise customers expand globally. Hopefully, their efforts will serve as a model for others in the healthcare and health benefits space as to how quickly they can address an often daunting business challenge.