Translation Exchange Partners with One Hour Translation to Expand Offering

At Translation Exchange, we provide businesses with the tools, connections, and technology they need to make their localization strategy successful in gaining a strong return on investment through our easy-to-use and proprietary online translation platform. However, the platform is not just useful to those looking to reach broader audiences. Translation Exchange also enables Language Service Providers (LSPs) to help their customers further localize their digital platforms – such as mobile apps, hosted websites, and website apps – with a greater focus on local dialects, nuances, and business-specific value propositions.




As we thought about our offering to our customers and all the ways we’d like to develop in the future, it made increasing sense to partner with LSPs to provide all of our customers with seamless access to the various types and depth of translation they need when entering into and growing within a market. So, today we’re excited to announce our first partnership of this kind with a leading LSP and online translation agency, One Hour Translation (OHT). Going forward, OHT will use our technical resources to further enable and accelerate their customers’ localization strategies. Our innovative platform alleviates OHT from worrying about the technical and automation side of translating digital mediums, so their team of translators can focus on providing businesses with their world class translation and localization services.


Benefits for Companies Taking Localization Seriously

Details of this Collaboration


Our new deal with OHT offers seamless integration in which users can order translations from the Translation Exchange platform using OHT existing credits. OHT is referring their customers to us for website and app localization management. OHT customers can also now order professional translation services for their language converting strategy simply by utilizing our easy-to-navigate software.


Furthermore, we highly recommend OHT to help you handle and execute your localization project. They are one of our preferred online translation agencies for both our new customers and currently existing users.  




Transitioning OHT Customers from the Previous Platform to the New One

OHT was previously using the WeST translation platform, but decided to discontinue it so that they could utilize our TrEx platform as a more solid alternative for providing website and app translation. WeST users with existing translations are encouraged by OHT to import them into our software for a smooth transition process.  


Contact us today to learn more about our collaboration with One Hour Translation. We are honored to be working with their services and look forward to tackling future translation endeavors with them. If you are looking to break down the language barriers between you and your customers, let us help you make your localization strategy a success. Sign up for our state-of-the-art online localization service  platform and begin your free trial today.