In-Context Mobile Localization

Translation Exchange has partnered with to bring the most advanced localization technology to the mobile apps.

Translators and developers can now submit and review translations right from within the apps running in our Translation Center emulators.

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How will it help you?

The Apple App Store is available in 155 countries and more than 40 languages.

Using our platform you can grow your business and help users around the world easily discover and download your app.

By integrating our SDK within your apps you will cut the time it takes to localize your apps by at least a half. No more need to go back and forth with translators to fix bad translations.

Do it once – do it right – use our platform.

Time Savings

Save up to 70% on the time needed to translate and deploy your multilingual apps.
Simply install our SDK and let it do all the work for you.

Cost Savings

Shared Translation Memory ensures you never have to pay to translate twice.

Easy Project Management

Cloud-based Translation Center keeps everyone connected and communicating on the same page.

Grow Your Business

Expand your reach to more consumers in more countries. Add new languages easily and deploy them live in realtime.