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Reach more consumers in more countries with Translation
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How do I get started?


Connect your Klaviyo account with Translation Exchange and import your email templates.


Invite your own translators, translate yourself or order professional translations in 100+
languages, right from our dashboard.


Publish translated emails with a single click. Your translated campaigns will immediately appear
in Klaviyo.


Expand your reach to more consumers in more countries. Add new languages easily and affordably.

Translation Exchange – Klaviyo integration is easy!

  1. Sign up with Translation Exchange

    Go to Translation
    to create a new account, and get started with with your first project.

  2. Connect your Klaviyo account.

    In Klaviyo from the main navigation menu, choose “Settings” > “Credentials” and copy your API
    token. Open Translation Exchange Dashboard > Account > Linked Accounts and click on
    “Configure” button next to Klaviyo. Paste your API token in the popup window and click “Save”.

  3. Import your Klaviyo templates.

    Open the project where you would like to store the templates and click on “Import Sources”
    button from the dashboard. Choose the templates you would like to translate and click on “Import
    & Continue”. Your templates are now imported and are ready to be translated.

  4. Publish translated templates back to Klaviyo.

    Once you are done with translations, click on the “Publish” button next to the language you want
    to export back to Klaviyo. Your translated email will appear in Klaviyo as a new template. You
    can now send the templates in any language.

Keep track of your localization progress

Get detailed reports on how your localization and translation are

Choose how you want to translate

Invite your own translators or order professional translations from
our network of 15,000+ on-demand translators with just a few clicks.

View all your translated content in one place

Access all your digital content from our dashboard and review your
latest translations

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