Product Features

A New Way to Think About Localization Software

Localization Management

Fully Automated Localization Platform

Manage your entire project end to end on a single, automated platform online. Translation Exchange’s advanced localization engine does the heavy lifting for you, automatically storing translation keys and so you can easily apply them across multiple project and future iterations. Just translate once and move on, creating a repeatable process that eliminates the need for multiple translation files and updates.

Detailed Reports

Powerful Analytics

We help you stay on top of your translation data at every stage of your localization projects. See how many translations are added each week, or how close your app is to being completely translated into a new language. Collaborate and share your new translations across different groups to continually improve your localization efficiency.
Manage Translators

Translator Collaboration

Translation Exchange makes it easy to track and interact with all of your translators. See what content they’re translating and message them directly if needed. You can even see ratings of every translator in our network based on the quality of their work, helping you prioritize the most valuable ones for future projects.
We're Flexible

Multiple Translation Options

Machine Translation

Want to see your application in a new language instantly? Machine translations allow you to pre-translate your content fast. Translators can then go in and quickly fix any mistakes


Invite a small group of translators to collaborate, or open your localization project up to your entire user base to translate and scale your efforts. This is the preferred translation option of large sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Professional Translation

Don't know any translators? Rely on our broad network of professional translation partners who are experts in their respective languages to quickly and accurately localize your content.

Translate Fast

Translation Center

Our cloud-based Translation Center provides central interface for developers, translators and project managers to collaborate on localization projects. Translators communicate in real-time with your team to quickly and efficiently localize application content. For developers, the Translation Center serves as the central tool where all project strings are filtered, sorted, translated, revised and published.

Translate Anywhere

In-Context Translation

Our SDKs allow translators to localize web or mobile applications right inside the app, flagging strings to be translated in the context of the app or web page. In-context translations minimize errors and dramatically speed up the localization process. Translators see their work instantly inside your application and can immediately fix any issues in real time.

Universal Translation Memory

Every translation produced on our platform is added to a massive translation database and shared with all applications on our network. You’ll benefit from the translations and experiences of an entire community of Translation Exchange users. Now you no longer have to pay for common translations that have already been created in other apps. We even calculate and provide quality rankings to help you decide which translations you prefer based on previous usage.
Universal Translation Memory

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