Shopify Translation

Go Global with Your Shopify Ecommerce Site.

Translation Exchange is the ideal solution for translating ecommerce sites built on the Shopify platform. Reach more consumers in more countries to sell your products and services worldwide.

How do I get started?


Just add a one-line JavaScript snippet to your website and your content will be automatically extracted and sent to our platform for translation.


Invite your own translators, translate yourself or order professional translations in 100+ languages, right from our dashboard.


Publish translations with a single click. Your visitors will instantly see the updated content in their native language.


Expand your reach to more consumers in more countries. Add new languages easily and affordably.

Translation Exchange-Shopify integration is easy!

  1. Sign up at Translation Exchange

    Go to Translation Exchange to create a new account, and get started with with your first project.

  2. Copy code to Shopify:

    Edit your Shopify Theme HTML/CSS, by selecting theme.liquid uder "Layout" section and copy following code to head section.

  3. Add ability to change language by providing a div tag with a special data attribute:

For More Information

Read the integration guide

Read throught the steps in our Shopify Integration Guide to get up and running on translating your site.

Translate your site

Manage, order, and publish translations through the Translation Exchange dashboard.

Keep track of your localization progress

Get detailed reports on how your localization and translation are progressing.

Choose how you want to translate

Invite your own translators or order professional translations from our network of 15,000+ on-demand translators with just a few clicks.

View all your translated content in one place

Access all your digital content from our dashboard and review your latest translations

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