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Healthcare Services Rolled Out Globally with Translation Exchange

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Mountain View, CA-based Jiff, Inc. provides an enterprise health benefits platform that connects healthcare vendors with companies and their employees, delivering personalized incentives, real-time data analytics, and a beautifully designed user experience. Jiff is on a mission to help companies lower healthcare costs and cultivate happier, healthier employees.


Jiff provides critical healthcare services to large multinational companies that often have employees in hundreds of countries. Client offices in each country have a unique, diverse set of needs and employees that speak different languages. Internationalization manager Falko Buttler was tasked with making Jiff’s services more accessible to their global client base, and that meant seamlessly localizing their platform into new languages. He needed a single, unifying tool that could manage translation of all languages in one place and support multiple technologies through a rollout process that was easy and efficient. He also needed to implement a solution that didn’t require additional internal resources or hiring.


Jiff began their long-term localization project with Spanish, which entailed onboarding more than 125,000 users. Translation Exchange’s end-to-end localization platform was fully integrated with Jiff’s back-end services, mobile and web-based apps, and translation agencies. Intuitive dashboards streamlined the management of all translation strings and content and allowed Jiff to share translations across projects, synch translations through the Activity Tracker, manage updates, and collaborate between project teams.

By tagging translation strings in their database, Jiff’s teams were able to easily reuse them for future translations and projects, making localization easier immediately and over time. Rolling out updates is also a breeze - new versions are released right in the app independent of software releases, so there’s no waiting for every new release. Translation Exchange’s network of professional translators are also on call to help fine-tune translations to match context exactly and conduct test cases when needed.

Translation Exchange’s services team created a close working relationship with Jiff during the course of localization development, including regular calls with engineers to troubleshoot any issues and find the fastest ways to resolution. Strong communication and collaboration between Jiff and Translation Exchange enabled a successful rollout.


By offering their services in multiple languages - localized by the Translation Exchange platform - and getting new languages rolled out within two months, Jiff closed deals with two large multinational companies, adding hundreds of thousands of employees. With the 125,000 Spanish user rollout completed, Jiff anticipates its Latin American Spanish rollout will be twice that size and the company will then move onto French and Brazilian Portuguese rollouts. Now, Jiff plans to release as many as eight new languages in 2017.

We look forward to seeing our business grow and our enterprise clients respond even more favorably to our offerings as a result of the welcoming engagement they experience with Translation Exchange’s localization.

Falko Butler

Falko Butler
Senior Director of Engineering at Jiff, Inc

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