Translation Management System & Why You Need One

Translation Management System

Are you having trouble reaching your customers in multiple languages? Having the right translation management system (TMS) will help take your business to the next level internationally. Check out the 3 reasons below on why you need a TMS for your company and global expansion.

Increase Accuracy with In-Context Translation Tools

You may be thinking…”aren’t all translations done in context?” Well, not necessarily. The traditional website translation process goes something like this: extract text from your website or application, send translators the strings of text in some file format, translators then translate the content and send back their translations (hoping that the translations are accurate and make sense), the translations are then often proof-read before publishing, but sent back to the translator if there are errors or corrections that need to be made, sent back again, then finally uploaded back into the site and published. Spot the problem? These translators are seeing your text out of context of the website, making contextual translation errors likely.

Furthermore, these contextual errors can potentially be harmful to your brand and messaging. With in-context translation tools, however, translators have the ability to be more accurate with their translations because they can better grasp the original intent of the source language that they are translating.

Save Time with a Translation Management System 

As we detailed the traditional website translation process above, you can probably guess that method takes up a large amount of time to complete. Can you imagine the countless back and forth editing and revision that had to happen? With a TMS, everything is automated within one system, reducing the time and labor it takes to translate your website and content.

You can easily extract content from your website and/or mobile app with the click of a button. Leverage the Translation Center to make the translations. And order what you need translated directly from a marketplace of professional translation agencies.

Additionally, in the TMS’ translation center, you can communicate in real-time with your team to quickly and efficiently localize application content, make agile translations on the fly when new content is updated (without having to download and upload resource files), and release new translations to your mobile app without having to republish your app with the app store.

Save Money with a Translation Management System 

Recreating the wheel is not something that anyone wants to spend time on, so why do it with your translations?! When you utilize a translation memory, you will never have to translate your content more than once. You will no longer have to pay for translations that have been created in other applications. How do we do this? Every translation that is produced on Translation Exchange’s platform is added to a massive database and then shared with all the translations on our network. You will benefit from the translations and experiences of an entire community of Translation Exchange users. As an added bonus, we will even calculate and provide quality rankings to help you decide which translations you prefer based on previous usage. And guess what? When you publish a new page or a new piece of content, using a TMS like Translation Exchange, the system will intuitively know what has already been translated, saving you time and money by not needing to translate that word or phrase again.

Pick a TMS that allows you to be flexible with how you translate your content, letting you choose between machine translations, crowdsourced translations, or a professional translation agency like Gengo or One Hour Translation to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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