Jiff, Inc. Expands Customer Base Through Translation Exchange Localization Platform

If you have a business, you’re always looking to offer your services to a broader audience. And if you’re multinational or serve a diverse audience, you should be thinking about the most effective tactics to get your website and apps translated as part of your localization strategy. It often takes time and resources to build

Translating WordPress website with few easy steps

There are a lot of blog posts on how to translate WordPress blogs or how to localize WordPress Theme.  Most of them have good ideas and directions, but some of them lack simplicity and vision on how to keep translating ever changing blogs and pages.

Locale Selection Strategies in Rails Applications

TML SDK for Rails offers a number of ways for telling your Rails application about which language to use for rendering your views. You can use locale parameter, pre-path and pre-domain configurations and even provide custom domains for every language. This post will describe each approach and show you how to configure it in a

TML for Rails & Globalize Gem

Suppose we have a Rails application with a large data set that we need to translate to a few languages. It is important that we store the data in our own database to preserve its integrity and provide internal searching capabilities. So how can we do this without having to invest too much time into

Deploying Java Library to Maven Central

There are many blogs out there that talk about the process for setting up and distributing a Java library to the Maven Central repository. There are also many tools that claim to be a one click solution for such distribution. But, unfortunately, we did not find a single blog that had the entire process described

Upgrading Translation Exchange SDKs to the latest release

In this post we will walk you through the steps to upgrade your application to use the most recent Translation Exchange SDKs for Rails, Node.JS and PHP. Choose the SDK you are using and follow the instructions below. If you are integrating Translation Exchange SDK for the first time please follow our detailed instructions for

Getting Started with Ruby on Rails and TML

In this post we will create a simple web site using Ruby on Rails and translate it to a few languages using Translation Markup Language and Translation Exchange service. In this demo, we will create a simple one page site, called “Welp”. On the site we will have a few restaurant reviews and a search

Getting Started with Laravel and TML

In this post we will create a very simple PHP application using the Laravel framework and translate it to a few languages using TML for PHP. To learn about how to install and setup Laravel, please visit Laravel’s website: http://laravel.com/docs/master/installation Let’s create a one page site, called “Welp”. On the site we will have a

Getting Started with PHP and TML

In this post we will create a simple PHP application and translate it using TML library and Translation Exchange service. For the sake of simplicity, we will use plain PHP without any framework. Our site will be a one pager, called “Welp”. It will feature a few restaurant reviews and a search form. Some of