Getting Started with Laravel and TML

In this post we will create a very simple PHP application using the Laravel framework and translate it to a few languages using TML for PHP. To learn about how to install and setup Laravel, please visit Laravel’s website: Let’s create a one page site, called “Welp”. On the site we will have a

Getting Started with PHP and TML

In this post we will create a simple PHP application and translate it using TML library and Translation Exchange service. For the sake of simplicity, we will use plain PHP without any framework. Our site will be a one pager, called “Welp”. It will feature a few restaurant reviews and a search form. Some of

Caching Translations in Node.js

In our previous post we built a simple Node.js application that uses ExpressJS engine with EJS templates and Bootstrap CSS for the user interface. We added Tml-JS-Express library and translated the app to a few languages. In this post we will see how we can cache and share translations across all our Node servers, how

Localizing NSAttributedString with TML

NSAttributedString was introduced in iOS 3.2 to provide a decoration mechanism for NSString using custom attributes. Amongst other things, it allowed you to change colors and fonts of string fragments, as well as apply shadows and strokes. Before iOS 3.2, developers had to come up with all kind of elaborate solutions to achieve this functionality. Usually

Golden Gate Bridge Syndrome & TML

“Golden Gate Bridge Syndrome” is a term we coined when my team was trying to implemented i18n framework at, a Rails-based web application. The Golden Gate Bridge Syndrome was based on the idea that by the time the painting crew finishes painting one side of the bridge, they must start painting it again, since