Localization for your Django Applications

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Getting Started is Easy

Install TML with pip

pip install django_tml  

Configure the SDK:add django_tml to installed_apps and middleware_classes


Then add the following TML configuration to setting file:

TML = {
  'application': {
  'cache': {
    'enabled': True,
    'adapter': 'memcached',
    'backend': 'pylibmc'

Add the Translation Exchange scripts and mark up your strings

  {­% load tml tml_inline %­}
  {­% load tml_inline_header %­}

  // Add a language selector
  {% tml_language_selector type="default" %}
  // Use "tr" function with your strings
  {% trs "Hello World" %}
  {% tr with count=5 %} You have {count || message} {% endtr %} //You have 5 messages

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